CPD events for PT's, Coaches and S&C professionals hosted at our state of the art facility.

Places for these events are strictly limited to ensure the quality of delivery. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion after each event as well as exclusive access to future events.

Our Next upcoming event is

How to Coach Nutrition 

The Nutrition Course for PTs


29th september
12.30pm - 2.30pm

How to Coach Nutrition 
The Nutrition Course for Personal trainers


  • Deep dive into the fundamentals: protein, fat, carbs, refractory periods, anabolic windows, hydration, sleep, supplements​

  • How to work with macros: how to calculate calories and splits for different goals, meal timing, metabolic flexibility, rates of weight loss, energy availability, diet breaks

  • Dieting techniques:  identifying the 'tools in your tool box', when to use them, and how to apply them

  • Intro into behaviour change: implementing your strategies, SDT and transtheoretical models, motivational interviewing, advanced goal theory, habits, implementation intentions, advanced goal theory.

£40 per ticket

Programming For Athletes

Coming soon

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